How to make homemade single shot pistol

Frames and fire control parts are relatively easy. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What kind of silliness is this comment?

how to make homemade single shot pistol

Gun buybacks are widely panned by the gun community for being ineffective and even counter-productive. This site uses cookies. Serbu is considering selling GB-22 plans or kits and is using this to gauge public interest.

Got Buyback? Here’s the Simplest Homemade Pistol

If anything the GB-22 even looks more fun to make than to shoot. Years ago gang types made.

how to make homemade single shot pistol

Impro Guns. Even without the dimensions the design behind the GB-22 is pretty plain to see. Better projects to spend time on. Even the law enforcement community has criticized buyback programs.

how to make homemade single shot pistol

Cookie Policy. Plans like those above are a perfect way to protest these buy-back programs!! This could help those in countries where the people are too poor to buy or a country that has total control of firearms.

How about the info needed to make a decent gunpowder or even black powder safely along with the info for a gun or even musket that would shoot easily obtained items — maybe a homemade shotgun?

I guess I can see that. But gunsmithing as a hobby is perfectly fine under federal law.

how to make homemade single shot pistol

The design still requires simple tools and the knowledge to use them, but with enough trial and error and steel building a GB-22 could be a matter of routine.

Because of this gun owners horn in on these programs by trading their worthless or broken guns for gift cards and cold hard cash.

Homemade .38 pistol (South Africa)

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms is gauging interest on an extremely simple homemade single-shot rimfire pistol kit. As I stated earlier, it would take someone with a huge self defense problem to handmake one of these.

An improvised 9mm firearm fashioned using parts taken from a captive bolt gun. If you have the materials and the machinery…..

Homemade single shot pistols – part 1

Post to Cancel. More recently illicit gunsmiths have progressed to producing more sophisticated weapons including submachine guns and self-loading pistols utilizing simple sheet metal fabrication methods. The barrel was even rifled by hand and reportedly shoots accurately.