How to wire 220v extension cord

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Making your own 220v extension cord.....Opinions

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how to wire 220v extension cord

Up here, we call it "rigging" and it's often the blunt of many jokes. I bought a heavy 12g ext cord from the BORG. I plan to keep it about 4 feet from the box and since my garage is 25ft long I plan to make a 35ft cord.

how to wire 220v extension cord

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Get the outlet box and plug from lowes. Join Date Feb 2011 Posts 166.

how to wire 220v extension cord

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Dryer outlet in basement. I set up the cord this way to be able to modify the cord later if needed. I have a 220v extension cord,I want to fit the plug end with with the dryer type plug with the L prong on it,but I want fit the receptacle end with the common type setup,so say i purchase a machine with the factory type plug ,it will work so i wont have keep fitting machines with the dryer plug.

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