Prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

When Tragedy Strikes

Mary and Martha immediately sent word to Jesus, the Great Physician. Having trouble logging into your account? Our God is a restorer.

prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

Skip to content. We know there is a cause and effect to much of what happens. We know that God created human beings and gave us the responsibility to manage and oversee his creation.

They asked Jesus and He answered.

prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

If that doesn't work, please contact our customer service team. As the day progessed, it became evident that hundreds and possibly thousands of people met an violent untimely death. This section of God's Word shows us how two people responded to a tragedy. My focus today is to encourage you to keep your faith and to remind you that you are not alone. Join the discussion.

2 Comforting Words in the Midst of Tragedy: Prayer for Those Who Are Hurting

Look at Job and his response. We show the world that God does promise to deliver us and that God promises to sustain us and force good to come from the painful events we experience in this life. Talk about it...

prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

Subscribe to Comments Post Reply Cancel. When one thinks about sustaining faith, he can learn from the story of Job. Join the discussion.

prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

I'm sure that Mary and Martha prayed. Sign in to leave a comment.

prayer when tragedy strikes sermons

Pray for courage, confidence, and peace to prevail over fear, especially in the hearts of Christians. Why did you allow this to happen? Sermon Topics: Afraid to go to the mall, afraid to board a plane, afraid to go a large city.

Stop and Pray when Tragedy Strikes

Try resetting your password. God caused it to happen. This is tragic.