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Not exactly an easy feat, since the fields inside bin files - and thus the schema needed to read them - often changed from patch to patch, and things like enum values did not always remain constant. The first costume slot operates oddly with Arachnos Soldiers who have Multiple Builds. History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of men. Read 2447 times. Purchased costume slots are account-wide, not character-specific. I did some digging after our last PM exchange and managed to find that program: Superscience have the option of altering model height and body type at the tailor in addition to costume pieces and head scales.

I would post the def files from bindump that document the various bin files, however they're a bit byzantine and difficult to decipher. Home Help Login Register.

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In Issue 15 , seven Costume Change Emotes were added, four of which are inherent to all characters and three which are unlockable. Author Topic: At level 20, a hero or villain may earn a cape. It would be very useful for several other BIN files if the schema's are available for them.

Incomplete Game Client. Individual color changes are free. For example: These commands can be inserted into binds and macros. Issue 13 released a Save and Load option in the costume edit screen, both at character creation and at the tailor.

Here’s the character creator from Ship of Heroes, a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes

Although I just open the extracted. Retrieved from " https: Sorry to necropost, but how did you figure out the. A full set of this salvage can then be turned in to unlock an extra costume slot at any character level. Is it possible we are doing something wrong?

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There is also one small, fixed overhead charge regardless of anything else.