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The clip even includes footage from her Idol audition! The Arkansas native has continued to quietly release new music, both by himself and with a band called The Dames.

American Idol's 15 Past Winners - Where Are They Now?

Hicks later scored a successful Las Vegas residency the first Idol alum to do so! Just six months post-win, the Alabama native dropped his first album, Soulful , which debuted at No. In the spirit of staying independent, Johnson has also performed new songs for fans live on his official Facebook page. Unlike her predecessors, she waited almost a year after her Idol win to drop her debut studio album Music Speaks , which peaked at No.

After splitting from Interscope Records the following year, he turned to crowd-funding website PledgeMusic in 2017 to finance a follow-up project. Next up for the Missouri-raised singer: Check out where the cast is today. The pair also renewed their vows in a Christmas Day ceremony the following year.

He only went to the Omaha call to support his brother. His platinum-selling debut Clear as Day also hit No. In addition to recording music, she also penned a memoir, Fantasia: Can you believe it's been three decades since John Hughes's five teens spent a "demented and sad, but social" Saturday together? Big hair, bigger shoulder pads, unrelenting greed, and campy catfights were the hallmarks of the 1980s, and no show reflected the signs of the times better than ABC's 'Dynasty.

Cook, who married his longtime girlfriend Rachael Stump in 2015, self-released a new six-song EP, Chromance , in February. The Journey Toward the Dream , in 2016, the same year he discovered he was dropped from his label. His fresh start musically came via the January release of Collateral , his first studio album since 2014.

‘American Idol’ Winners: Where Are They Now?

Since then, he has sold nearly 2. Like Glover, Caleb Johnson auditioned multiple times before winning Idol in 2014. Despite her career highs, Barrino found herself in the depths of depression, admitting a 2010 aspirin overdose that left her hospitalized was indeed a suicide attempt. Off the air for less than two years, the musical mega-hit has now found a new home on ABC, with three new judges: Kelly Clarkson Season 1.

Testify , the 10-track record he released just two months after wrapping up Idol , sold just 28,000 copies. By Colin Bertram.