How a textile industry workshops

Invited talks Dr. Training and Seminars Introduction to Textiles training course: Electronics and high-tech manufacturing industry. Fashion consumers nowadays have got increasing demands on green products in high quality. Wellbeing without walls.

how a textile industry workshops

Accept Read More. Search form. During this workshop, the participants had the opportunity to learn from the latest results on the environmental life cycle assessment LCA results.

Textile Manufacturing Processing Workshop

During last month a total of 3 workshops have been held, 2 in Spain and 1 in Italy to discuss and debate the technical progress and the preliminary results on the environmental impact and risk assessment. Processing and Knowledge of Pretreatment, Dyeing, Finishing and Printing on Textiles In view of the importance of knowledge of dyeing and pre-processing to practitioners in textile industry, the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel HKITA and the Clothing Industry Training Authority CITA co-organize below course, which invites professional in this industry to teach students theoretically based on the practical knowledge and experiences.

Login Register Profile Subscribe. Developing and manufacturing medical products requires controllable air humidity to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness and at the same time a disruption-free, hygienic process. Regulating indoor air humidity visibly increases textile production productivity and is a key factor for quality assurance in the textile industry.

Setting Up Industrial Garment Workshop

Financial Tribune newsletter. Agricultural industry.

how a textile industry workshops

Steam generators FlexLine Spa. Yarn and textiles are very sensitive to the air quality. Iran Parliament Votes to Augment Transparency. In the automotive and aerospace industries, it can be challenging to maintain and control stable temperatures, especially during the production process e.

Regulating the indoor humidity is a very effective and cost-efficient way of cooling the air back to its required indoor temperature.

Informing the textile industry through Workshops

The course aims to provide systematic fitting technology training, through lectures and practical workshops. Planning aids.

how a textile industry workshops

This workshop was organized in Egarfil production plant who is a member of the cluster and had an attendance of 18 people representing 9 SMEs and 2 research centers.