How to change a brother label maker

Turn the brother label maker over and press down on the top part by the face plate and push on the circle part with ridges. Steps 5. Step 4 Evaluating.

Brother PT-1290 Tape Cassette Replacement

Step 5 Feeding Tape. Clarify it by editing! Almost done! Confusing Text Some of this guide's text is confusing, duplicated, or off-topic.

how to change a brother label maker

It will split in half, but be careful with the back piece to prevent any damage. Gently pull the label maker apart.

how to change a brother label maker

Small - 600px Medium - 800px Large - 1200px. Then place correctly and push in fully to plug-in on top corner on device. Add Comment.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Tape Cassette 5 steps. If using both, do both steps to turn off your label maker. I did not complete this guide. We Are All Geniuses. Difficulty Moderate.

how to change a brother label maker

Time Required 15 - 20 minutes. If the ribbon becomes or is loose, use your finger to wind the white wheel in the direction of the arrow of the tape cassette. Time Required.