How to view peoples bio on twitter

LeBron James KingJames.

How To Use Twitter: Critical Tips For New Users

Go to Twitter. If you're craving more, keep adding people. Salman Khan BeingSalmanKhan.

how to view peoples bio on twitter

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Manage Connected Users

Here's what's what. While that might seem too short to say anything substantive, it's not. One Direction onedirection. It's often called at DM, and it allows you to further conversations in private and chat with groups of people. Everyone from the President to Malala is tweeting it up these days, but it may take some getting used to if you're a new kid on the block.

how to view peoples bio on twitter

That will be your username, or handle, and people can notify you by typing in front of your username in a tweet. Download the app for custom alerts: ESPN espn. Would you like to connect this Twitter user to your Followerwonk? Shah Rukh Khan iamsrk. If you want to add a photo, a video, a poll, or a gif, you can do so in the lower bar of the "Compose new Tweet" box.

how to view peoples bio on twitter

Alicia Keys aliciakeys. Pro tip: Hashtags are best used for adding to a larger conversation, and the most popular ones show up on the left side of the "Home" tab.

How to View Someone's Bio in Twitter

Search Bios. Chris Brown chrisbrown. The New York Times nytimes. Kim Kardashian West KimKardashian.

how to view peoples bio on twitter