What does ever mindful meandering

what does ever mindful meandering

This interview has been edited and condensed. So here goes, my 10 achievements, big and small, abstract and concrete, for 2015. Not always wanting the 'perfect' shot Our world today is competitive. Mindfully meandering. Just because the light isn't falling at the precise angle required, does it make the shot any less meaningful or a reject?

Mindfulness and Photography Travels

It has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience. A jury found the former San Francisco Giants star guilty in 2011 for giving a meandering answer to a federal grand jury in 2003 when asked... Limiting Photography It is all too easy with digital to just keep on with the photographs.

what does ever mindful meandering

Wandering around a new location, exploring back streets and alleyways will present far more opportunities than following the GPS to the location that you know is good.

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Andrej N. When you chase the tingling in your right knee with an inner struggle about how to stop it before amputation is necessary, you have left your breath and entered the distraction zone. But regardless, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. They will follow thoughts, especially if they promise an adventure.

Then again, who said this was going to be easy? A river does not flow in a straight line directly to the ocean. Seeing thoughts arise and simply noting them arising, dropping back into the breath when you found yourself caught up in thinking. But there are pleasures, I think, to a meandering lack of discipline that you can't get the other way, and vice versa.

what does ever mindful meandering

Like, when you feel the magnetic pull of a warm bed at your early morning meditation time. Questions arise.

what does ever mindful meandering

I don't know what it is. Definitely not much of a city girl anymore. So what to do when something everything seems more attractive than formal practice? Surely we should enjoy the meal and company of friends and family taking time to enjoy the flavours, aromas and textures rather than have a static, digital memory of the moment shared with the world.

We are expanding as professionals and individuals, but none of it is done in isolation. One school of thought holds that more than 145 million years ago, when Africa and South America were joined, the Amazon's main stem was connected to the Niger River and actually flowed in the opposite direction, toward the Pacific Ocean.