What is linguo cultural studies

Victoria University Press, 2014. Elena V.

what is linguo cultural studies

I have already uploaded the presentation file has the same name at the Paissiy Readings Annual Conference Plovdiv, October 30, 2015.

The analysis of existing approaches to the study of the content of this concept is performed, the necessity to... This thesis means that lingual world view can form linguistic competence, but it proves to be meaningfully more complicated.

what is linguo cultural studies

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Marxism and Culture Studies (ENG)

Volume 2 2011 Issue 1 Dec 2011 , pp. Alefirenko N. The axiological potential can appear or disappear, its quality can change.

what is linguo cultural studies

Representation of local social situation in the peculiarities of the course of mental processes and various activities, such as the psycholinguistic base of speech activity, and the paralinguistic phenomena. Representation of social situation and social functions of communication.

Linguocultural Studies

This model is a structural property and powerful factor of personality self-determination, because a representative of any particular culture has a certain cultural fund, that is, a set of knowledge that provides a certain outlook in the field of national and world culture. Metge and P.

what is linguo cultural studies

The topic of the lecture is money coin,... The lingual personality parameters are the base of the lingual world view forming in cross-cultural communication process. A special attention in the study of culturology is paid to cultural, social state and national features of people speaking this or that language and possessing the culture with all its self-belonging peculiarities.

Tekst kultury: The anthropocentric orientation of modern linguistics determines the relevance of studying anthroponyms as they are most...

Yearbook of Phraseology

The Notion of Cultureme in Paremiological Research, [in: Search Close. Special attention is paid to the application of the linguoculturological principles of analyzing phraseologisms to the practice of dictionary-making.

what is linguo cultural studies

Her paper titled "A Study of Emic Proportions: