Whole rock geochemical discriminant diagrams of cells

Dilek et al. Pearce, 1983 Th - Ta - Yb discriminant for mantle melting array vs. The diagrams below are those I have used, or tried to use, at one time or another. Cr discriminant for ocean floor basalts vs.

It is a senseless waste of time for everyone else to have to do the same thing, so I present the coordinates for the benefit of all humanity. All discriminant line coordinates are given in Excel files with X and Y values, Z if necessary.

Pearce and Cann, 1973 Immobile element discriminant for arc, within-plate, and ocean floor basalts. LeBas et al. Hollocher et al. Whalen et al. No guarantees as to speed of posting. Arth, 1979 Al 2 O 3 vs Yb discriminant for oceanic vs. Ti - V discriminant diagram for tholeiitic to alkaline basalts, excluding calc-alkaline arc basalts.

SiO 2 vs. Frost and Frost, 2008 Feldspathic igneous rock series ferroan, magnesian, aluminous, alkaline, etc. Pearce, 1984 Discriminant diagrams for granitic rocks. Miyashiro, 1974 SiO 2 vs. Pearce, 1975 Ti vs. Schenectady , NY. Boninite added.

Whole rock geochemical discriminant diagrams

Streckeisen, 1967 Q - Af - Pf diagram for classification of felsic and intermediate plutonic rocks. Gorton and Schandl, 2000 Th - Ta - Yb discriminants mostly for felsic to intermediate rocks. Brown, 1982 Alkali-lime index vs.