How do you cut a rabbits nails

How often do I clip my rabbits' nails?

Try using treats as a reward to make your rabbit more comfortable. CT Chris Turner Dec 19, 2016.

how do you cut a rabbits nails

You may enjoy the freedom of motion and movement these clippers offer over the next style. Here is where you'll find easy instructions and pictures showing how to clip the claws of a rabbit. Log in or Sign up.

Grooming rabbits

Specialist nail clippers can be bought from any petshop - don't use regular scissors or nail scissors. Find someone else to hold the rabbit. If you are nervous about nail clipping, ask your vet to do it first so you can see what to expect. Get complete rabbit information, instructions and pictures for every facet of raising and breeding rabbits as pets, or for meat, show and fur.

How to Trim Claws

I did clip the quick while at the vet office, but never clipped it again. It also really gets them used to dealing with it so over time it is not a big deal.

We tag team--one of us holds and one of us clips. This can make it tricky for rabbits with very dark or black nails but you should still be able to see the difference by holding the nails up to the light or shining a torch through them. Did this summary help you?

Clipping Your Rabbit’s Nails

If your rabbit tries to pull his paw back or struggles, you're probably pressing the blood vessel. Unless you are very experienced, nail clipping is a two person job - one to hold the rabbit and one to cut. Need help with a school project about rabbits and families.

People typically use both dog- and cat-claw trimmers to cut rabbit claws.

how do you cut a rabbits nails

Find California rabbit breeders in your local area in California that raise your chosen rabbit breeds. ZRabbits , Jun 4, 2012.

how do you cut a rabbits nails

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how do you cut a rabbits nails

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