How does offset work with wheels

More specifically, it's the measured distance between the mounting pad the mounting surface of the wheel and the center line of the rim.

So you can see, there are reasons knowing offset and backspacing can be helpful when picking out your next set of rims.

how does offset work with wheels

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. ET numbers can be either positive or negative to reflect the values of wheels with either positive offsets or negative offsets. This means your rim is 18 inches tall in diameter, which is the part you see when standing outside looking at your rims.

how does offset work with wheels

Net sales for Bridgestone Corp. As stated above, wheel offsets can be: If you get the offset or backspacing wrong when you are procuring and installing new wheels for a customer, you run the very real risk of having the wheel sit too far inside the wheel well, causing the inner edge of the wheel and tire to rub against the suspension.

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter and essentially is the measurement of how many wheel nuts or wheel bolts your vehicle has on each wheel and how far apart those nuts or bolts are placed in mm.

how does offset work with wheels

What is negative offset? Stay on top of the tire industry and don't miss a thing!

Alloy Wheels

Negative offset is generally seen in very deep-dish or deep convex aftermarket wheels. Place the wheel on its flanges on a flat surface, and put a paperclip on the string to make it hang straight. A wheel that has a positive offset or greater backspace has to slide further into the wheel well to be mounted, it's closer to the breaks and the suspension of a car.

Share Share. Santa Fe Olathe, Ks. For a more in-depth explanation, please see our guide to wheel offset. The wheel has "positive offset" when the mounting pad is outboard of the centerline, towards the street, located closer to the face of the wheel in relation to the centerline. This comes into play if the new wheels are wider than the old, as the offset may need to change to compensate for the greater width.

Tire rub is even worse, as it will very quickly rip up the inside sidewall of the tire, an area where the damage is very hard to detect until the tire blows out. The most popular original equipment passenger tire sizes in the U. The easiest way to figure out the offset of your wheel is to simply flip it over and have a look at the back of it.

Positive offset is when the mounting face is in front of the centre line of the wheel. Any of these factors, if mishandled, can severely affect your reputation, not to mention cut down on repeat business!

how does offset work with wheels

If you get the offset or backspacing of your wheels wrong, you run the very real risk of having the wheel sit too far inside the wheel arches which could cause the inner edge of your wheels and tyres to rub against your suspension components. The vast, vast majority of wheel manufacturers will stamp the ET number either on the mounting hub or on one of the wheel spokes.

Wheel Offset

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