How to write a cutting list

What is a Cutting List

Organize the list so that you can efficiently get the supplies you need before you cut a board. Woodworking is painstaking and rewarding work. Then list the finished thickness, width, and length of each piece, based on your drawing. Four grades of Common 1, 2, 3a, 3b: Compare this to the 128.

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The rest of the information I can deal with more easily in CutList Plus. In today's terms, it is a spreadsheet that allows a woodworker to move on to the next step in the critical path, that of harvesting the parts, with all the information they need. OnlineExtra Go to woodcraftmagazine.

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Download a Free Printable Cutlist How it works: You can think of a cut list as a bill of materials for lumber and sheet stock without any of the cost information. The following list sets out the steps to follow to build a piece of furniture or any project for that matter:. The entire list is not shown here because of its length.

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how to write a cutting list

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how to write a cutting list

The material list above describes every part of this project. Familiarize yourself with the plans and procedures before you buy or cut any wood. If you use Fractional, Excel will not interpret them correctly; you may end up with dimensions that appear as calendar dates in Excel. If you like letters for part numbers you can easily change that in CutList Plus too. Make sure to include tenons or other integral part extensions.

Bill of Materials and Cut List

A cut list, also called a cutlist or cutting list, is closely related to a bill of materials. In Measure Twice, Cut Once , Jim Tolpin describes a process whereby he uses the bill of materials to create a master cut list. Take a break. The material list for the Shaker table below included wood species information and some machining notes.

how to write a cutting list