Make whole provision example nhl standings

make whole provision example nhl standings

See all from Sean McIndoe. Importantly, we do not believe any of our proposed clarifications should have any impact either on the amount of the Players' Share or the amount that any individual Player is entitled to receive.

The Commissioner will endeavor to hear all appeals on an expedited basis and will determine whether the decision was supported by clear and convincing evidence. Any such "shortfalls" in Years 1 and 2 of the new CBA will be computed as a percentage reduction off of the Player's stated contractual compensation, and will be repaid to the Player as a Deferred Compensation benefit spread over the remaining future years of the Player's SPC or if he has no remaining years, in the year following the expiration of his SPC.

The remainder of the Revenue Sharing pool will be funded from League- and Playoff-generated revenues.

make whole provision example nhl standings

We will again assume that this quote was from 15 November 2014. While such contracts and Cap charges can be traded during their terms, in the event a Player subsequently retires or ceases to play, the effective Cap charge would revert to the Club that originally entered into the contract.

So, the formula is:. NHL Network.

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Further, our proposal eliminates some of the current "business performance" thresholds that had the effect of materially reducing the amounts a Club might otherwise qualify to receive in revenue sharing.

Make the nets bigger Yes, the answer really would be this simple.

make whole provision example nhl standings

A revamped NHL with more scoring, less diving, and fewer shootouts. On 13 November 2014, a comparable Treasury bond the 4.

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This enhanced amount is at least comparable to the levels of revenue sharing in the NBA and MLB, and will be adjusted proportionately upward or downward based on Actual HRR results in future seasons. How much money does a Player forfeit when fined? Under the expired CBA, in two of the seven years Players were paid in excess of the face values of their SPCs and in five of those years they received less than their face values.

HRR Accounting: In order to mitigate the consequences of these contracts, we have proposed 5-year term limits for SPCs and tighter restrictions on the year-over-year salary variability of contracts. Players have already recommended a test run for the new rule, which will take place next year. A little score-settling at the end of a blowout is pretty much the only reason to stay tuned in.

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In any Retained Salary Transaction, salary obligations as between Clubs would be allocated on the same percentage basis as Cap charges are being allocated. Ticket Central.

make whole provision example nhl standings

System Changes: This proposal is based on what we believe is a fair sharing of revenues as between the Players and the Clubs. For issuing firms the make-whole call provision provides some financial flexibility.