Otto zachow and william besserdich and bernhard

FWD Auto Co

To distinguish these from imported U. Contents [ show ]. A British subsidiary was set up at Slough in 1921. Jeffery Company debuted a prototype four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer 2 ton truck it called the Quad.

otto zachow and william besserdich and bernhard

Beyond Value Engine: His four-wheel drive concept used a single driven shaft that connected the front and rear axles. It also made 4WD utility and construction trucks.

The History Of The American 4×4

After a two year production lapse, Duplex went back into production in 1913 with a totally new design, The Model B below top used a 14hp, 2-cylinder engine mounted under the seat. Today, Dodge is still producing a variety of 4-Wheel Drive trucks. This car, with lockable center differential, is arguably the first modern all wheel drive car.

In two world wars, U. In 1958, the company's name was changed to FWD Corporation. Reply Quote. Related Articles. Home Project Vehicles.

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Couple Gear remained in business until 1922. Williams was impressed and astute enough to know that if the U.

otto zachow and william besserdich and bernhard

As a result, FWD sold the army its first 4x4 vehicle in late 1911 for use in a 1912 cross-country test from Washington D. The fate of these six cars is currently unknown, but the Battleship and that final test car, now called Nancy Hank, are still held by FWD-Seagrave in the Pioneer Park Museum and are in operating condition.

Of the other six, two were sold to local private owners, one was configured as a Depot Hack and sold to a Clintonville hotel, one was shipped to Colorado, two went to Chicago, one to Lincoln Park, and the other to the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Zachow sold his stock in 1911 and went back to his machine shop.

otto zachow and william besserdich and bernhard