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Shenderov, Appl.

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Lapierre, Y. Nakagawa, Science 288 2000 1624. Neumann, J. The deviations are a factor denoted by a. Conventionally, the sus- found to be quite small — in the range of the experimental errors. The voltage drops across ation that an increment in the effective permittivity results in an both these dielectrics, resulting in comparatively lower voltage increment in the effective interfacial energy, and a consequent drop than conventional EWOD under identical operating condi- reduction in the effective contact angle.

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The energy E of a constant volume, " , sessile droplet over value. Wasan, A. Sylgard-184 The contact angle of a sessile droplet has been found to be decreasing a two-part PDMS elastomer; Dow Chemicals, USA consisting of an with decrease in the particles size [24].

However, unlike previous studies in this area, ence between contact angle measured at the same voltage and par- the effects of varying concentrations and diameters of the sus- ticle concentration with increasing and decreasing voltages is pended particles are addressed herein.

An effective electrical permittivity of the composite medium is used to study the experi- Droplet mental results related to contact angle changes at different concentrations and diameters of submicron particles in the droplet. Nakao, T. A platinum electrode tics of conventional EWOD.

Colloid Interface Sci. Like other search engines Google or Bing Radaris collects information from public sources.

The contact angle increases ticle suspension may not remain homogeneous, however, address- with particle volume fraction, even though the surface tension ing such cases is beyond the scope of the present analysis. Marketing and Advertising Current: Vafaei, T. Kumar, J.

The energy as given by Eq.

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