Annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

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A wheel is located above this tray at a height of 1. It is possible to use a fume cupboard with a natural ventilation and an appropriate air velocity.

annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

N navel cord: The lower plate is equipped with pins, the upper one with corresponding holes in order to ensure a consistent holding of the sample. However keeping the information in your memory is not enough, we can all easily forget something. Material s used for: Two horizontal metal shafts of 300mm in length and 50mm diameter set at 2— 5mm gap are powered by a 1kw motor.

annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

They will want you to fill in the records with information about livestock in your community. Name and address of manufacturer: If the animal coughs the tube is in the lungs and you must take it out immediately. When selecting cows, buffalos and other animals for milk production you should select females which have good udders and teats and are docile.

annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

Apply iodine solution every 2 days as required. These are very good dusting powders for wounds.

Annex IX of NR12 – Plastic Injection Molding Machines

In order to stop the animal chewing the stomach tube you will need to put a metal pipe, or a block of wood with a hole in it, into the animal's mouth. To try to treat more than 10 animals at a time is not a good idea because of the time and amount of drug treatment used.

There are different varieties of stomach tubes for animals of different sizes.

annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

Metric weights and measures Weight: Large animals, e. To wash the carcase thoroughly both externally and internally after it has been completely eviscerated. Selection of animals for breeding Annex 5: To produce a high velocity jet of hot water for cleaning purposes. Very good activity and can be given subcutaneously.

Intended purposes: The shackles pass over a stainless steel evisceration trough. Check that the needle is in the vein by pulling the plunger of the syringe, back a little when blood should show in the barrel.

annex 3 whole plastic nozzle

Remove crusts around lesions.