When to code v08 or 042

Great Valley Publishing Co. This is an exception to the coding guideline that states conditions may be coded in the inpatient setting if documented as possible, probable, or suspected.

when to code v08 or 042

If a patient has the virus, a blood test will be positive for HIV antibodies. Patients previously diagnosed with any HIV illness 042 should never be assigned to 795.

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Should a patient with signs or symptoms or illness, or a confirmed HIV related diagnosis be tested for HIV code the signs and symptoms or the diagnosis. Some conditions, known as opportunistic infections, are inherent to HIV, such as pneumocystis carinii pneumonia 136. For example, if a patient is admitted for treatment of AIDS-related dementia, sequence code 042 as the principal diagnosis, followed by code 294.

Whether the patient is newly diagnosed or has had previous admissions for HIV conditions or has expired is irrelevant to the sequencing decision. This is an exception to the sequencing rule found in 10.

when to code v08 or 042

Aids is associated with increased susceptibility to certain cancers and to opportunistic infections, which are infections that occur rarely except in individuals with weak immune systems Any state of infection accompanied by evidence of hiv in the body positive test for hiv genome, cdna, proteins, antigens, or antibodies ; may be medically asymptomatic or symptomatic; use aids when appropriate One or more indicator diseases, depending on laboratory evidence of hiv infection cdc ; late phase of hiv infection characterized by marked suppression of immune function resulting in opportunistic infections, neoplasms, and other systemic symptoms niaid.

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when to code v08 or 042

HIV may be present in any bodily fluid, such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, and saliva. Do not assign a code for the HIV infection if it is documented as possible, suspected, etc.

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when to code v08 or 042

If the patient has a known prior diagnosis of an HIV-related illness, assign code 042 on every subsequent admission. In this context, "confirmation" does not require documentation of positive serology or culture for HIV; the physician's diagnostic statement that the patient is HIV positive, or has an HIV-related illness is sufficient. However, other conditions may or may not be HIV-related eg, simple pneumonia, 486.

when to code v08 or 042

If a patient is admitted for an HIV-related condition, the principal diagnosis should be 042, followed by additional diagnosis codes for all reported HIV-related conditions.

The physician does not have to specifically document AIDS in the medical record before code 042 can be assigned. Of the five fluids listed, transmission by saliva has not been documented.

Once a patient had developed an HIV-related illness, the patient should always be assigned code 042 on every subsequent admission.