How to avoid military service in russia

However, to fill their quotas, drafting commissions have been loosely following regulations, drafting even medically unfit individuals.

Russians try desperately to avoid conscription

D degree, men providing the sole support for disabled relatives, parents of at least two children, and some employees of military-oriented enterprises. Latest Multimedia.

how to avoid military service in russia

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Dodging The Draft, Russian Style

You see teens sprinting through the long, dark marble corridors of the subway as cops give chase. More in World.

how to avoid military service in russia

This is the genius of the system: Previous Next. Business Briefing Hate your commute? This is an excerpt from Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Russian armed forces have more than 1 million personnel, of which one-third are conscripts and the others serving under contracts.

how to avoid military service in russia

See 10 things to do in London. Arsenyeva, who wants to be an auto mechanic.

how to avoid military service in russia

The 30 Highest-Paid Actors in the World. In response, defence officials are pressing the Kremlin to abolish most student deferments and have authorized the use of oblavi -- sometimes brutal press-gang-like raids by military police on youth hangouts, to scoop up eligible young men.

Men who do not serve and do not have a good reason for being exempted from duty do not qualify for international passports and related documents issued by the government.

How to Dodge the Draft in Russia

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how to avoid military service in russia

Yuri, who also declined to give his last name, had a family friend who was a colonel. Request Reprint or Submit Correction. Contact us. Military service in Russia has historically acted as a career boost.