How to splash colors mtg deck

I'm currently writing a strategy guide for magic as my pet project, and I'm trying to explain decks with multiple colors.

Quote from hollowkatt. Metagame-hater decks playing lots of non-basic-land hate e.

how to splash colors mtg deck

I even like the presumably unintentional? Consider all of the flackback costs in Innistrad and Dark Ascension. There's essentially no downside to the second color and plenty of upside.

how to splash colors mtg deck

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Making a Splash

Big awesome Dragon, super powerful rare. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

how to splash colors mtg deck

Splashing is always so tempting—and it's important to know when to go for it or have enough discipline to stay the course. Running those inputs:. Quote from necrogenesis.

MTG - How To Build a 5 Color EDH / Commander Mana Base for Magic: The Gathering

LovesTha Well, someone who's actively playing Standard right now can rewrite the "modern-day example" to be something fresher than five-year-old Esper. Heeding the first point in mind, of course; you shouldn't generally go splashing cheap creatures even if early plays are your weakness. If you had a deck with 24 mountains and 36 red cards, it wouldn't make sense to change one of those mountains out for an island just for the heck of it.

how to splash colors mtg deck

If you're already splashing red, you could maybe start to think about finding a way to fit that Glorybringer in. Sometimes, I'll be playing a slower deck that just needs a way to win.

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