Spindo seal how to install

This installation strategy can be adjusted for many types of labyrinth seal applications.

spindo seal how to install

Clean spindle threads and keyway, then wipe spindle with clean cloth to remove dirt, grit or any foreign material. Inspect vent plug on axle, making sure it is dean and free from debris.

spindo seal how to install

Inspect inner hub bore for roughness. This will ensure that one gets the highest sealing efficiency possible from their seal. Lay the wheel flat or lean at 45 degree angle.

Spindle Mounted Seal Installation

For any number of the applications where the seal is floating off of the bearings itself, an aluminum CF seal could do the job nicely. Put 'em on, and they work!

Step-by-Step Wheel Seal Installation

OK Cancel. The inner race or outer race pre-loading of the bearings may also determine where the shield is located. Bimini Finder new!

spindo seal how to install

Place installation tool over spindle until it rests against seal. The most common installation method would be a Face Mount.

spindo seal how to install

Clean spindle areas thoroughly with emery doth. The kit simply had a diagram showing the parts and what I assume to be an order of installation. Cover Finder new!

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Use a file to remove any burrs from the leading edge or shoulder area. For drive axle applications, use a new drive axle gasket before assembly of drive axle. Post to Cancel. Insert hubcap plug, making sure vent hole is dean and free from debris. There are multiple methods and designs to utilize the benefits of a GMN non-contact labyrinth seal. Press seal by hand as tar as possible onto axle shoulder.

spindo seal how to install

Notify me of new posts via email. While rotating the wheel, torque the adjusting nuts to recommended adjustment and final assembly procedures. Install Hub Mounted Seals and Bearings After thoroughly inspecting the bearings, clean and pre-lube the inner bearing with clean oil.

Installing CF Seals

Mark Channels Read Calendar. Like this: Their website claims that the kit included service and installation instructions, but my kit did not include this, and I have not been able to contact the company for further instructions. This can be successfully achieved in any of the below installation methods. Lightly lube rubber O.