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Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising. Add chayotes, salt and 1 tablespoon cilantro. The chayote, like more popular New World crops chiles, tomatoes, corn , was exported around the world once the Europeans landed in Mexico, and it can be found in some traditional dishes in the Old World, especially in Southeast Asia.

This vegetable has a thin layer of pale green skin, with multiple shallow, vertical furrows on the surface. The fruit or chouchou is a pear-shaped berry reaching a weight of 500g to 1kg, bearing furrow lengthwise.

What Is Chayote Good For?

Source Of Trace Minerals Trace minerals are required in small amounts on a daily basis to help maintain a healthy metabolism, immune system and strong bones. It is versatile, used in cuisines from Mexican to Indonesian to south Indian to Australian to Louisiana.

Cut a few chayotes into cubes, removing the seed, and toss in a lot of olive oil, like, more than you think you need. Natalie Stein specializes in weight loss and sports nutrition. Most vegetables, such as chayote squash, are good for your blood pressure because they are high in potassium and low in sodium. The Thai style for this is up and down smashing, very different from the against-the-wall-of-the-mortar smushing common in Mexican cooking.

This recipe makes four servings.

Can Chayote Squash Lower Blood Sugar?

Distance between two plants should be anywhere between 4 and 10m 12 to 30 feet as they need space. Chayote squash provides 4. Healthy Eating SF Gate. Test it before you cook it. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Eat the Chayote

Today's Features. The flowers and tuberous roots of the chayote can be eaten as well. But for large and overly-mature chayotes, lightly peel them using a vegetable peeler. Chayote squash with salt is higher in sodium than plain, boiled chayote squash. Cook topped with a sauce au gratin. It can be eaten raw or steamed, boiled, baked, stuffed, fried, and marinated.

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