How to fix too small pants sizes

Use your arm strength to pull and stretch the waistband enough that you can pull the pants on. Step 6. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Buy the larger size, and have it taken in to fit your shape.

how to fix too small pants sizes

Iron the pants. Haleigh Bingham Member since: Spray the most on areas that need to be stretched out the most. You can measure the leg circumference of your favorite pair of pants, then compare it to patterns you're considering, picking the one that's most similar. Make sure your pockets are tucked in tight.

how to fix too small pants sizes

You can pull on the waistline at this point as well for some extra stretching. Introduction This guide provides simple instructions for downsizing the width of pants.

Sections 1. Similarly, you should just be able to fit your entire hand into your front pocket to access your phone next time you get a text. Can't do it? Fill a bathtub with warm water.

How to Resize Pants

Yes, for best results, spray on both sides, then move around and let it dry. Shipping is free!

how to fix too small pants sizes

One of the easiest ways to tell your shorts are too small is to look at your upper inner thighs. Every body is entirely unique, which is why the same clothing size can look different on you from one store to the next. Get the waistband wet. Difficulty Moderate.

6 Ways to Know Your Pants Are Way Too Tight

Method 1. Share your repair story with ImAGenius.

how to fix too small pants sizes

Yes, even if you're buying raw denim.