How to gold leaf hair

Step 5: You can also add definition to your curls by creating additional tendrils with a curling iron.

The new trend for 2016? It’s all about Gold Leaf Hair

From gold to silver, gold leaf hair can be applied on roots or tips, single locks or on an entire portion of hair. The Gold Leaf Hair trend first made an appearance a few years ago in the celebrity world, when in 2014 the stunning Rita Ora arrived at the Met Gala with a thin layer of gold leaf in her hair, initially mistaken for a clip- she soon set magazine readers straight. You may like. Who says you have to sacrifice creativity and spunk to fit in?

Home The Upgrade: Relevance Most Recent. Create a part down the center of the head, from the forehead to crown. You're on the list!

How to Rock Gold Leaf In Your Hair Without Going Overboard

Gilded holiday decor and glitzy makeup looks have been filling our feeds, giving us enough inspo to make our minds race with how to gold-ify everything in our lives. Sort by: Better yet: Continue to place down the center of the part, leaving even space between each gold foil. You're one pair of tweezers and a sheet of shiny paper away from summer hair goals.

how to gold leaf hair

Unlike what you may think, applications for this type of hair style are accessible to everyone and are rich in variety. Lightly cover your hair with mousse or a sticky pomade to give the gold leaf something to adhere to. If glitter roots look a little too messy for your work-to-play style, gold leaf is a little more down to earth, but just as glamourous.

how to gold leaf hair

Then carefully pick the gold leaf up if necessary use a small brush or some tweezers and apply onto hair whole or piece by piece making sure that it adheres properly to hair by applying light pressure.

Click here to find out more. A shiny and elegant touch to your hairstyle, you will not go unnoticed at parties and important events! Beauty Silver Streak: Precision and accuracy is required in the application of gold leaf to hair.

how to gold leaf hair

Need inspiration? Once you've grown comfortable with using gold leaf, experiment with more intricate looks. After cutting foil into pea-sized pieces, use a pair of small tweezers to place one at a time on top of the part.

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Gold leaf hair trend: Gorgeous, or just plain weird?

Really, you can rock this trend in countless ways, so think outside of the box and see how many unique looks you can come up with! You can purchase affordable gold leaf at the number of places, from your local art supply store to discount chains like Walmart and of course-- Amazon!

how to gold leaf hair

You can get super creative with how you rock gold-leaf hair: