What police departments have no age limit

Youth, fitness no longer police prerequisites

Plan on paying your dues before going to narcotics. It took about a year and they all started calling me offering a job. In Texas they give you credit hours toward an Associates.

what police departments have no age limit

After all, who wants an ugly cop making statements in court? Jonathan in Baltimore, Maryland 85 months ago. If you're looking to make a career change yourself, you may be asking if you're ever too old to be a police officer.

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How old can you be to go into law enforcement?

I know of a lot of officers that do that in hour community and with their regular salary they make a very nice living. It can be a tough job at times and there are things you will see and experience that you will never forget. Age limits usually apply to sworn positions, those armed and with arrest powers. Maybe a bail recovery agent would be interesting!

Northmoor,Mo.-“He’s armed and filming!”-Police Department Audit

If you meet their minimum requirements, next check with agencies that you are interested in applying with. About the Author James Woodruff has been a management consultant to more than 1,000 small businesses.

what police departments have no age limit

Local agencies may set higher standards that those established by the state POST agency. Kennedy defeated "Lyndon B. As far as your intentions to become a detective you need at least an Associates degree or 60 college credits just to apply for most depts.

what police departments have no age limit

Not only will you learn just how many different people with different backgrounds join the force, but you'll also learn how different people find their way to this profession at different stages of life. I will agree with your comment in regards to intelligent prospects.

what police departments have no age limit

Fortunately, nearly all federal agencies have positions in law enforcement that do not have the maximum age restriction. Many police departments require recruits to live in the jurisdiction.

what police departments have no age limit