How to tape your shoulder blade

Apply the middle across the first strip about a third of the way towards the spine and smooth down the ends. Because of this underlying instability, shoulder injuries often occur.

Remove tape after 48 hours to prevent skin damage. Stabilise your shoulder with kinesio tape. When the correct techniques are followed, shoulder strapping can: Holding the ends of one half with both hands, stretch out the middle.

how to tape your shoulder blade

Non-Operative Treatment. You might need to shave the area to get good contact between the adhesive and the skin.

how to tape your shoulder blade

Cut another single length of kinesio tape in half short ways with rounded corners d. To stabilize damage to the ligaments in the acromioclavicular joint, which is formed by the shoulder blade and collarbone, he may simply place a piece of tape over the joint and extend it down towards your back and chest approximately 1 to 2 inches in each direction. Removing Tape.

Acti-Tape - Shoulder Blade - Serratus Anterior

Place the top layer of tape under tension to hold the joint in a stable position; tape that's loosely placed won't give the same benefit. Two Practical Shoulder Strapping Techniques.

Rotator cuff strains. Mark out three reference points on the sore shoulder side: Acromioclavicular AC joint injuries. Ask your helper to:.


Protecting your shoulder joint is important — especially if you play a sport that involves high-speed arm rotations. These features make your shoulder joint inherently unstable and often in need of extra help.

This is because, in comparison to your hips and knees, your shoulder has an extremely large range of movement but relatively small joint surfaces. Shoulder taping has no definite proven clinical benefit, physical therapists George Davies and Ann Thatcher state in the textbook "Shoulder Rehabilitation: The bottom angle of your shoulder blade.

how to tape your shoulder blade

Colliding with someone in a contact sport or falling hard on your shoulder can cause your humerus upper arm bone to pop out of your shoulder joint and result in a dislocated shoulder. You generally need two layers of tape to stabilize your shoulder joint: Take another full strip of kinesio tape and anchor it on the skin just above the third reference point.

Taping in the same direction as muscle fibers might shorten the muscle and increase its ability to contract.

How to Tape Your Shoulder for Stability

The top of your AC joint. When you play cricket, baseball or swim you can overstretch or tear the rotator cuff muscles during a high speed arm rotation. Proprioceptive Shoulder Taping OrthoInfo: Use only as directed.