Uitextview scrolls up when editing your paper

Text Kit Tutorial: Getting Started

To make this work with Auto Layout, the edges within a scroll view actually refer to the edges of its content view. The only significant difference between the two is that a text storage contains a way to post notifications about all changes made to its contents. We can disable them by adding the following line inside the addAnotherTextView function:. So here we are.

uitextview scrolls up when editing your paper

The text now flows around the time indicator view. Also, developers no longer have to draw background colors for custom rendered text on their own CoreText does not have support for these.

uitextview scrolls up when editing your paper

It has no runtime effect. Performance does not matter. Previously, there was no built-in way to read strings with text attributes from disk.

UIScrollView Tutorial: Getting Started

But what if you want to see the picture scaled to fit the device screen? Shifting views to make room for the keyboard.

uitextview scrolls up when editing your paper

Selector "keyboardWillShow: Add a Text Field inside of Container View below the new label. I use UITextView in my app.

Trying to make a UIScrollView scroll to a UITextView's cursor position

Or a mix thereof. My theory: Type some text into a note and surround some of the text with asterisks.

uitextview scrolls up when editing your paper

The text on the left uses the smallest user selectable text size. Nothing could be simpler that that. You'll also need to initialize the replacements dictionary.

Core Text Tutorial for iOS: Making a Magazine App

Update Note: Unfortunately, since the image in the new view controller is hard-coded, the image you selected in the collection view is not shown. In our case this is NSMutableAttributedString , which we use as implementation of the custom storage: Notice that the exclusionPaths property expects an array of paths, meaning each container can support multiple exclusion paths. Related 1611. Build and run the app on an iPad.