Dizziness in children when lying down

Clinical Consult: Dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders

Patients with central vertigo are often distressed by ataxia, nausea, and illusions of motion for years. The diagnostic process must distinguish between otologic, central, medical, and psychogenic etiologies.

dizziness in children when lying down

A child complaining of dizziness may appear normal and may not have any obvious abnormalities on physical exam, but the differential diagnosis of dizziness in children is expansive, ranging anywhere from simple dehydration to a vestibular or balance disorder to a brain tumor.

Until a child is old enough to express his feelings of vertigo, a parent might notice when the child has a bout and seems clumsy or nauseous, or his eyes might dart back and forth.

Dizziness (lightheadedness)

Ringing in the ears tinnitus or hearing loss may be present. Often no treatment other than education is the best option. Having their BPPV identified and treated resulted in an average delay of over five months from symptom onset to diagnosis.

dizziness in children when lying down

BPPV results from displacement of otolith crystals in the inner ear into one of the semicircular canals. Falling is a common occurrence in children with vertigo and injury needs to be avoided. Only 4 out of 119 children in the study of Rowena et al 2005 had orthostatic hypotension as a cause, but this statistic is likely low due to the setting in the ENT clinic.

dizziness in children when lying down

Physical therapy, medications, and surgery are the usual treatments. Next Steps Contact Us. Balance and Vestibular Program. In our view, this is most likely a migraine variant.

dizziness in children when lying down

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Vertigo (Dizziness)

August 20, 2018 See also: Migraine is the most common cause of dizziness in children Riina et al, 2005; Choung et al, 2003. According to Filippopulos et al 2017 , in a study of 1482 school children between the age of 12 and 19, "Gender, stress, muscular pain in the neck and shoulder region, sleep duration and migraine were identified as independent risk factors following mutual adjustment: The frequent causes of vertigo in children include:.

ENG testing is performed to measure eye movements which are recorded and analyzed either with small sticky-pad electrodes around the eyes similar to an EKG or with video recording called videonystagmography or VNG.

Narrow networks: The brain can be affected by inflammation, infection, tumor, stroke, migraine, seizure, and multiple sclerosis.