How different rowing ergometers provide resistance

Most rowers have two pistons: On the WaterRower, you can toggle between speed units of meters per second, miles per hour, 500- and 2,000-meter split times, watts, and calories per hour by pressing the up and down arrows on the monitor. The difference is usually found in the assembly and the braking mechanism can vary greatly from one machine to another.

Thanks for the explanation! Magnetic-resistance rowing machines use electromagnets to provide braking resistance through a flywheel.

Damper Setting 101

This type of water resistance system gives a very realistic feeling of rowing out in open waters and for this reason it is favored among those who enjoy outdoor rowing. You have control over the intensity of the workout because the air resistance depends on the pace that you set.

Share your new found knowledge with the rest of your box! Rowing is one of my better CF movements or was pre-injury. Not 10. Beginner rowers should start in the 3-5 range. Although, I am a terrible rower.

Rowing Technique - What is damper setting and drag factor Part 1

But this rigid central rail does take up more space and some people find the fan blade to be noisy. Row for a little bit, at least 10 strokes going at whatever you consider your normal not sprint pace to be.


High damper settings should be only used for very short 10-20 second sprints. Conclusion The type of resistance that you choose will depend on your budget, workout space and individual fitness needs. The foot stretcher can be adjusted up or down. One thing is sure, however, and that is that whichever resistance type you choose, you will still be able to get a full-body, low-impact workout with your rower.

Why You Shouldn’t Set Your Rower (Erg) To 10

Sign me up for the newsletter! So the question becomes, what damper setting should you use? The harder you row, the more wind is generated and the more resistance you will get.

That leads us to the lever on the side of the flywheel house, the one numbered 1-10. Galt, a website that specializes in product buying guides, says that water rowers perform like a boat moving through water.