How to cross cannabis strains

how to cross cannabis strains

Created by curriculum development experts for increased learning and long-term retention. A map will tell us where the genes are located on the DNA sequence. By probability alone, we should get four plants with the following traits:. How to Determine the Sex of Your Plant.

This strain takes a lot of its bud structure, trichome and resin production, and overall appearance from Super Silver Haze.

Cross-Breeding and Pollinating Cannabis: An Overview

Add a Certificate of Completion to your resume, in your area of expertise, and legitimize the cannabis experience you already have. After two parent strains are selected for breeding, a male and several females are put into a breeding chamber to contain the pollen. Michigan V. Part 1, Genetics. Or even why the great indica versus sativa debate is important to begin with?

Breeding Your Own Strain

Cannabis breeders typically breed to purify and strengthen strains, combine strain traits, or enhance specific characteristics. Can you cross a cloned female with a male plant and get good seeds from it?

how to cross cannabis strains

Luxury Lifestyle. The cannabis plant is dioecious; it has separate male and female plants, the female being the one cultivated for its THC-laden flowers. Cannabis 101 Growing. Colorado F.

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Sorry, Leafly isn't available in your location yet. Last Name. Looking for things to do? Pennsylvania l. Once pollinated, the female will then produce seeds that express the genes of both the male and female plant.

how to cross cannabis strains

Tips for Starting a Canna-Business. What Makes a Strain Unique? Plant breeding is a fundamental process of growing cannabis. After a strain is crossed, a breeder will then have to select which phenotype of the new strain they like best.