Who is medusas sisters

Medusa :: The Real Story of the Snake-Haired Gorgon

Adventures of Perseus. Eventually Athena caught them together in her temple and when she found out that Medusa was no longer a virgin outcasted her from ever becoming a priestess of Athena.

who is medusas sisters

That there are items such as vases, metopes, etc. Ovid, writing many centuries later, also associated Medusa with Libya, and produced an epistemology for the abundance of snakes in the region: While the story of Medusa is concluded when Perseus beheads her, in modern retellings and versions, we don't hear about her sisters.


Cookie Policy. Graeae , Echidna , Ladon. Two of the Gorgons, Stheno and Euryale, were immortal, but Medusa was not. Gorgons The Gorgons, three terrifying creatures in Greek mythology , were sisters named Stheno strength , Euryale wide-leaping , and Medusa ruler or queen.

Polydectes was eager to remove Perseus from his path as he loved the mother of Perseus , so he tasked the hero with retrieving this head. Andromeda was already betrothed, though, which caused a contestation to break out, resulting in Perseus using Medusa's head to turn her previous betrothed to stone.

Who Were the Gorgon Sisters of Greek Mythology?

Their gaze was so terrifying that anyone who looked upon them immediately turned to stone. Perseus, the Maiden Medusa, and the Imagery of Abduction. Medusa by Caravaggio, 1573-1610.

who is medusas sisters

You are commenting using your WordPress. This type of magic—where evil is kept away, usually by an unappealing word or image—is known as apotropaic pronounced ap-uh-troh-PAY-ik magic. She maintains a personal blog and Facebook page about on news of the Ancient World.

However they were both killed when the Camps reinforcements arrived, one of them being eaten by Mrs. Wikipedia — Gorgon. Depiction of Gorgon on the pediment at the Temple of Artemis in Corfu.

who is medusas sisters

Poets claimed that she had a great boar-like tusk and tongue lolling between her fanged teeth. Retrieved February 25, 2019 from Encyclopedia. Zeus created his shield , Aegis , on oracular advise so he could win the war against the Titans.