How to change jersey number in 2k15

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If you play for the Thunder, Kevin Durant will be there to criticize your poor play, or offer words of encouragement after a tough loss.

I'm trying to add it to a created player. First off the tool is based of the function keys. Revel in the gorgeous ice sculptures of the Harbin Ice Festival.

I made myself a shooting guard because there's nothing more fun than making yourself into an NBA gunner. Board index All times are UTC. NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October, 2014. In previous NBA 2K games you would use the players animation to determine when to release the ball; this being at the peak of their shot. Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal offer up a studio conversation that hasn't gotten stale for me yet. Please click here to learn how.

NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better

This year's game has the actual voices of players from all over the league there, so you're hearing their voice. Thaddeus Young 75 Denver Nuggets: The GAP Episode 407: I like to use the example of clutch ratings to explain this. Warren by Scott Hanna-Riggs.

NBA players play it as much as some fans and are quick to want to hit up the 2K Sports crew headed by Ronnie Singh to find out their ratings in the game long before the game is released. You're not stuck playing every game, but the games you don't play in don't give you virtual currency to spend.

Xbox Game Pass February 2019: The options for customizing and navigating through MyGM mode seem endless because the new conversation system gives you so many alternatives to what's going on. What happened to this missing Hannah B.