What does camber mean for longboards

This style is less common but lets your feet sink more into the deck.

what does camber mean for longboards

Wheels under this category offer lesser grip, but are slightly harder than the former pick. Posted 12 December 2011 09: Longboards are made up of piles of thin sheets of material. Unlike wheelbase, which measures only distance, EFP describes the area on the topside of the deck that riders stand on to control the board.

In this Tech Article, we try to cover all of the different deck shapes and features.

what does camber mean for longboards

Cork is found on some crusiers for folks that want to live the surf lifestyle and ride barefoot. After measuring the length of width of a longboard, thickness comes next. The board flex on a cambered deck is softer than other longboards. A lot of confusion exists around the difference between freeride and freestyle, and with good reason due to the names! Similar to the drop through but the surface of the truck baseplate actually mounts flush with the top of the deck.

Understanding Longboard Decks

We break down the best downhill longboards for summer 2016. It even somewhat includes Dance. Think of it like this: It all depends on your riding style and shoe size. Almost all cruising boards will let you have fun with carving and vice-versa.

How to Choose the Right Longboard Deck

By varying the position of the blank in the mould and altering the shape, we can vary the concave at different points of the deck to suit a specific purpose. Rocker - When the pan of the deck dips down.

what does camber mean for longboards

The wheelbase of a deck contributes to everything about the board. That said, some of the common freestyling techniques are goofy riding, dancing, sliding, and more.