What is the plan phase 2

Join our newsletter providing useful tips and helpful hints for Project Managers. This summarizes the facility as designed. Risk — You and your team can use the risk assessment created by decision makers during the initiation proposal step to describe how you will manage those risks. Despite the fact that different funding mechanisms at the EU level were identified a closer examination and assessment is required given the complexities for funding the defence sector as well as due to the changing funding dynamics.

If you identify additional risks, update the project documents.

Project Management Phases: Exploring Phase #2 – Planning

There are also engineering specifications for materials, machinery, and equipment for each step. The second phase of project development is design. The conclusions, or end products , of the design phase are written reports, architectural and engineering drawings, more accurate construction costs, projected operational costs, and schedules of construction.

A milestone indicates an action or responsibility planned at a specific time during the life cycle of a project. They will also help you manage staff and external suppliers, to ensure that you deliver the project on time and within budget. As the phase is built out, the activities can be sequenced to show relationship to predecessors.

Project Planning Phase

Recommendations made by the value engineering team should be incorporated into the final design as necessary. The PM will replace generic resources with specific resources when they are assigned by the resource or functional manager Be sure to document any assumptions and dependencies made in the schedule Other Key Points Include Business Owners in estimates Estimate future support and maintenance needs Another WBS example: February 16, 2019 Six Sigma vs.

Phase 2 is the Planning phase.

what is the plan phase 2

However, if the planning has been thoroughly conducted the chances of significant conceptual or siting changes at this stage of development are remote. Obviously if this occurs, then substantial errors have been made during the previous stages and planning phases.

what is the plan phase 2

Virtually all design problems must have been resolved before the end of the final design stage. Assemble your planning project team and give each team member a sticky pad.

Project Management Process – Phase 2 – Planning – Develop Project Schedule

Sub —WG 1 Energy Management. Since a risk can mean a plus or minus impact on the project, your team will outline contingencies for both scenarios. The hourly rate will be multiplied by the duration of the task to assign cost information. In the second phase, the effort will focus on clarifying and supporting on what can be realistically achieved with National i. By using these project planning templates, you can quickly and easily plan your project.

Participating Member States. At this juncture, your planning group will propose what the most likely timeline would be including potential delays, etc. Design itself can be sub-divided into as many steps as necessary to resolve all design problems and to Integrate the concepts into a functional facility plan.

Acceptance Plan.

what is the plan phase 2