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First written and published in 2003. Elroy did not. Arthur Rothstein, FSA photographer, 1938. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When that program moved to the FSA, Stryker went with it. The program was managed by Roy Stryker, who initially headed the photograph division of the Resettlement Administration.

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I don't need you no more. Focused on improving the lifestyle of sharecroppers, tenants, poor landowning farmers, and a program to purchase sub-marginal land and resettle them on government-owned group farms; this program also had its critics.

The Great Depression. The loan allowed them to stay on the farm and gradually develop other businesses. She sold them in town for "a dollar and a half a chicken.

The Resettlement Administration, which replaced the AAA, was created out of the need to combat just such unforeseen results of prior ineffective policy Fleischhauer and Brannan 2.


Footer Menu Skip to content. Primary Menu Skip to content. Our cookies are delicious. Rexford E. He remained a renter all his life, but he was able to make a living.

The Resettlement Administration RA was created in 1935 and with the goal to relocate struggling urban and rural families to communities planned by the federal government. Though the program assisted some 75,000 people, they were only a small share of those in need and were only allowed to stay temporarily.

Farmers who had been renting a small parcel of land and farming it with horses were displaced by the landowner who now only needed one farmer and a tractor instead of several with horses. This tactic had been successful in raising commodity prices, but had the detrimental effect of punishing small farmers and sharecroppers, for whom reduced production meant the loss of their tenancy or entire livelihood.

For some, it was their first training in business skills. On March 9, 1933, the new president, Franklin D. He remembers how it troubled him to go into debt.