When it falls lyrics rwby wallpaper

Best Vocal Album.

When It Falls

The song plays in the Volume 3 Opening. As the song approaches the hook, the guitar riff continues on until the last line, where it slows down, until the chorus picks up the pace by increasing the tempo and the backing vocals until they finally slow down.

Contents [ show ]. Volume 5 Score. The song is later used in the Volume 3 episode " Heroes and Monsters ", when Velvet Scarlatina unleashes her weapon and Weiss Schnee uses her summoning in battle for the first time.

when it falls lyrics rwby wallpaper

Volume 3 Score. The piece begins with a piano piece, first with a fast tempo that quickly slows down to a pause.

Volume 5 Score. Volume 4 Soundtrack.

when it falls lyrics rwby wallpaper

Volume 1 Score. Volume 4 Soundtrack. Heavy percussion joins in as the guitar moves into the higher register, with Casey and Jeff singing alternate parts.

I May Fall

Volume 5 Soundtrack. The first verse features harmony vocals from Casey Lee Williams and Jeff Williams , supported by distorted power chords in the lower register of the guitar.

when it falls lyrics rwby wallpaper

Immediately, an electric guitar riff kicks off the first verse, followed by Casey Lee Williams' vocals, along with a pair of backing vocals. Best Vocal Album. Maybe it's the pool of blood The innocents will lay in When in the end you've failed to save them? Sign In Don't have an account? Volume 4 Score. Volume 2 Score.

when it falls lyrics rwby wallpaper

A light string accompaniment joins in just before the first chorus, which is followed by the song briefly transitioning to a quieter dynamic, with the vocals backed mainly by percussion and bass for the next verse. Volume 1 Score. Volume 3 Soundtrack. Volume 4 Score. Retrieved from " https: