How to make teslas egg of columbus

It appears that Tiffie's Wikkipedia reference explains it: The BLDC driver creates 3 phase current between 7 and 12V for hobby size to run through coils which can be scavenged from motors, as mentioned.

how to make teslas egg of columbus

In this experiment one large, and several small brass balls were usually employed. That started the ball rolling.

Teslas Egg of Columbus Exhibit

Tesla's Egg of Columbus. Jan 2, 2011 36 0.

Tesla's Egg of Columbus

Even more interesting than the spinning egg was the exhibition of planetary motion. He obtained the first rotations in the summer of 1883 after five years of constant and intense thought on the subject and the undertook the equally difficult task of finding believers in his discovery.

For the sake of simplicity and cost, I was thinking of using a single phase stator or just connecting a 3 phase stator to a single phase power source - granted I would physically have to start the object spinning before it would keep itself in motion... Forgot your password? Jan 3, 2011 13.

If the frequency is too high, the "egg" will just heat up instead of moving. Among the exhibits was a novel demonstration known as the "Egg of Columbus" used to explain the principal of the rotating magnetic field and the induction motor. Jan 2, 2011 3. Tesla thus succeeded in capturing the attention and personal interest of these very busy men, extremely conservative and reluctant to go into any new enterprise, and the rest was easy. Show Ignored Content.

how to make teslas egg of columbus

See if you can get something with bad bearings at a repair place. Would the isolation transformer and variac controller still be necessary with a VDF, or are those capabilities built into the VFD already? The output is AC of course and will be rectified to charge the batteries in my e-trike.

Diagram of Tesla's Egg of Columbus

A picture being worth a paycheck... Have an aluminum or glass plate over the spinning magnet to demonstrate the effect with the iron egg, washers, etc. Log in or join today to access all content.

how to make teslas egg of columbus