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Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.

If GMOs should be labelled, should such labeling be required by the government? They succeeded. Indeed, tournament theory explains why the long-term unemployed are perceived to have lower MVP in the first place. As a political junkie, I was fascinated how this small group of experienced smart insider liberals fabricated a problem and put forth a solution in only a few weeks.

She would represent rural interests in a reasonable and intelligent manner. I do not want it permitted or built as I think coal is a toxic product, and I think that a 48 million ton per year coal export terminal would harm our county. Steve, electing representatives means just that.


The Charter Review Commission was fairly elected by district only voting. The positive side of district only voting is your district representative would have much more reason to listen to you because the district is much smaller and you are more important to their reelection.

Petree also opposed the fireworks ban, and I believe can be counted on to oppose the random little bans that the current city council loves so much. Since lots of people want to buy non-GMO food, there is a huge incentive for the private market to supply that information even without government requirements.

More on Propositions 1 and 9

I was there, Dena, sitting up front for this entire county council process on July 7. Moreover, while the state's Department of Agriculture is usually in charge of food safety and labeling, GMO labels would be regulated by the Department of Health. Every time. It can be the same for the county. In my experience, all the charges leveled at our rural neighbors can also be leveled at our Bellingham Democratic Party and a well connected group of left wing political operatives.

Having attended as many Charter Review meetings as possible, in spite of the broken sound system, I was able to hear some testimony. We were watching the commission to see if they would ultimately offer up more options for voters, and they did not.

I have written about the corrupt process as it happened in July - http: Well, I learned Propositions 9 and 10 are indeed designed to counter Proposition 1 and ensure Bellingham's liberal control of the council whether district voting - Proposition 1 - is approved or not.

Vote for Steven Smith This is a tough one, partly because there's so little information, but mostly because I don't usually pay attention to school board politics. I simply prefer district only - and have for decades. I don't know whether that was the right decision or not, but he does oppose raising local taxes if the state cuts the budget. The advisory votes also give voters a chance to give the legislature some much-needed feedback.