What is a chicken wing in golf

If your goal is to fix a chicken wing focus on improving the impact position with a straight lead arm and wrist through impact. Good for eating, bad for golf swings. If you hang back under rotate and keep the head too stiff there is a chance you create a steep swing that ends with a reverse weight shift and Chicken Wing through impact.

The bowed position will prevent a steep downswing.

The Golf Fix: Get rid of the chicken wing tip

Golf is a game of compensating errors. When the left arm bends during the backswing and impact you lose swing speed that results in a loss of distance and accuracy. If the end of the grip points toward your toes or other side of the ball the swing plane is slightly off. Continue to swing through the ball and turn towards the target.

what is a chicken wing in golf

Your left arm and hand will give way to the rolling of the right, squaring the clubface for improved accuracy and power. This drill is not designed to hit the ball far.

what is a chicken wing in golf

From the top of your backswing, allow the lead wrist and hand to rotate toward your side. Holding the towel in place through impact helps teach the correct release of the club.

Causes and Cures: Chicken Wing Golf Slice – Tuck the Shirt Sleeve – Golf Swing Tip

Notice how the body weight has already pushed off their right side and into the left leg, which effectively serves as a post for the body to continue rotating around, up and through to the finish. Not only do they look bad but they can help turn a bad shot worse. This is a similar movement compared to the Forehand drill.

what is a chicken wing in golf

The Chicken Wing in the golf swing is a visual breakdown on the upper body at impact, however, the lower body is also a cause that leads to the unwanted movement.

Chicken Wing in the Golf Swing. The correct forward swing sequence is initiated with the hips, shoulders followed by the arms and hands. Let's get started on getting rid of your chicken wing.

what is a chicken wing in golf

After impact, both arms extend toward the target as the body continues to uncoil and rotate toward your front side left side for right-handers. It is a great practice aid to help you learn the correct sequence of your arms and body working together in the swing.

what is a chicken wing in golf

We have left errors compensating for right errors. In addition, the Grip Down Drill will correct the chicken wing swing fault. Fix the Chicken Wing. The Lead Arm Only drill will help eliminate a bent elbow in the lead arm at impact. The proper lag should help create a solid impact position and eliminate the chicken wing with the lead arm.