What is modern art appreciation textbook

This could pose a problem since the links are embedded in the content of the text. The textbook is written in prose that should be accessible for the average college freshman.

what is modern art appreciation textbook

While it does not cover any area in depth it does a fair job of presenting a basic foundation for most of the major topics covered in an art appreciation course. Comments This would be a good book for an art appreciation course.

what is modern art appreciation textbook

The students are presented with an overwhelming number of artworks, so a general historical reference at the end of the text would be useful. In addition, I find reading the book difficult because it does not use two columns as a standard interface. The book starts with basic information what art is, its structure, media used and works toward greater complexity various ways art connects to and shapes our lives.

Beginners can easily understand definitions and concepts. The font is appropriate and easy to read and the inclusion of vocabulary words in bold, allows students to pay closer attention to the material covered. Comments It goes without saying that pursuing a textbook writing project such as this truly serves the greater good and the authors should be commended. The link would bring me to the image in the same window as the text. Sentences are easily understood and the use of art-specific vocabulary along with providing a glossary at the end of each chapters shows students appropriate use of target vocabulary.

The prompts at the end of each chapter also present good starting points for class discussion.

Virtual Resources for Art History and Appreciation Courses

Overall the book is logically organized, particularly chapters 1-5 and 8-11. While the book references very contemporary technology, including 3D printing, etc. Content adequately covers the subjects it purports to include. Editors chose these topics to somehow relate not only to history of art but to serious ways of making art. Art and Ethics, a number of the pages contain the heading Chapter Ten: The text is divided in a way that supports teaching a foundation in visual literacy.

The choice of chapter topics and their flow is appropriate and student-centered. The definitions provided are concise. It is particularly adept at addressing themes that weave together global works in many media from makers of many backgrounds, thereby questioning the entrenched and monolithic canon.

The interface was adequate.

what is modern art appreciation textbook

However, the URLs Uniform Resource Locators or web addresses for different web sites may change over time and the authors may want to update the text by adding examples of contemporary art.

Terms are defined at the end of each chapter. A strength of the book is its thematic approach instead of the standard chronological approach.

Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning

The off-white framing of the images and figures is reminiscent of a Polaroid border, and is a little distracting. Even while it is non-linear or chronological, the text nonetheless covers terms and ideas...

what is modern art appreciation textbook

Another area of concern is the labeling and citations. In places it seems imprecise and too rambling, needing much more concise and to the point verbiage.